'A rescripted visit to EKKM’s collections' at EKKM

2021 05 04 — 2021 05 16 at Estonian Contemporary Art Museum
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Estonia

The opening project of the 2021 season, “A rescripted visit to EKKM’s collections” turns the exhibition space into a series of art storage spaces and invites visitors to take part in guided tours, conducted by the production platform RESKRIPT (Maarin Mürk and Henri Hütt). Invited by EKKM, Reskript has taken stock of EKKM’s collections, retrieved from garages and storage and gathered folklore related to the artworks and what has been left behind. This research has resulted in restructuring of EKKM’s collections, establishing of several new collections and developing suggestions for new future-oriented collecting principles. During the guided tours, visitors will gain access to zones otherwise closed to the public, they are also trusted with information that has not been written down anywhere, introduced to artworks unseen by audiences in recent years, and discussions are initiated, regarding EKKM’s role as a self-proclaimed museum.

Curators: Maarin Mürk, Henri Hütt

The tours begin on 4 May and will be held until 16 May.