Marija Šnipaitė’s Exhibition 'The Night Is Too Long' at the RAVNIKAR Gallery in Ljubljana

March 25, 2024
Author Echo Gone Wrong

The exhibition “The Night Is Too Long” by Lithuanian sculptor and interdisciplinary artist Marija Šnipaitė opened at the RAVNIKAR gallery in Ljubljana.

Marija Šnipaitė is a young-generation sculptor and an interdisciplinary artist, characterized by her consistently abstracted sculptural language, associative thinking, and attention to materiality. The artist is constantly testing the limits of sculptural media by reconstructing space as well as combining found objects and fragile and durable materials. Often her works do not have a final form – motifs, materials, or elements from one work can be reconstructed to appear in another artwork. Such transition emphasises the continuity of Šnipaitė’s work, the integrity of her creative process, and the continuation of her conceptual foundation.

“The artist’s creative process is based on the search for connections and the observation of the environment. Šnipaitė herself refers to some of her works as “staged spatial installations”. The composition of these installations and the artificiality of the materials used in them are reminiscent of scenography in which the objects are closely interconnected and related by a common narrative. The creation of atmosphere is a highly significant element distinguishing her exhibitions.” Kristina Mizgirytė, the director of the (AV17) Gallery, notes.

In “The Night is Too Long”, the artist creates a landscape that serves as a backdrop for exploring the theme of clothing fragments as a continuation of the human body and sensibility. The artist views the elements of clothing as spaces, territories, and forms. Different parts of garments here are transformed into sculptural objects, losing their original function and becoming reincarnated into other roles. The encountered objects reveal a multifaceted use of techniques, materials, and textures, which are assembled into an exhibition that feels like a cohesive large-scale drawing, with the sculptures serving as vibrant spots of color. The exhibition itself is designed as a walk, where these elements – as if they were lost and left behind – blend seamlessly with the fragments of the landscape.

The exhibition is part of an international exchange between RAVNIKAR Gallery in Ljubljana and (AV17) Gallery in Vilnius. RAVNIKAR is a well-known and internationally recognized contemporary art gallery in Slovenia, with a particular focus on the presentation of female creators and emphasizing the role of contemporary visual art in social, political, and cultural discourse. Another part of this project is going to take place at (AV17) Gallery in Vilnius, where on March 28 the Slovenian conceptual contemporary artist Maja Babič Košir‘s solo show “Ciao Amore” will be opened. In the exhibition, the artist reveals and reassesses universally relevant themes of family ties, loss of a loved one and forgiveness.

“Slovenia and Lithuania do not yet have a very established cultural link, even though both countries share significant historical and socio-political contexts. The overlapping goal of the (AV17) Gallery and the RAVNIKAR Gallery to promote contemporary art on an international level led to this collaboration. This project includes two solo shows of remarkable women artists – Maja Babič Košir and Marija Šnipaitė. These exhibitions will draw attention to Lithuanian and Slovenian women artists, prompting viewers to observe interconnected themes and distinctive characteristics within their work,” Kristina Mizgirytė emphasizes.

The exhibition “The Night Is Too Long” is open at the RAVNIKAR Gallery until May 11.

The project is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.