Open call to join an expanded cinema/moving image laboratory

March 28, 2024
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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Join Ecologies of Labour – Chasing Tale Winding – an expanded cinema / moving image laboratory

We are thrilled to announce our grassroots initiative to support artists who want to develop one project with small-gauge film as the primary working material. This is an open call for a laboratory and workshop series for working with film (celluloid) and moving images as an artistic practice.

Key Details:

  • We are looking for project proposals from those who are interested in making a film on film, or an expanded audiovisual project using film (celluloid).
  • You don’t need to be an experienced artist, but some basic exposure to artistic or audio-visual media is an advantage.
  • The process runs through 5-6 months of collective sessions and individual conversations in a benevolent and safe environment (Each project under development will have a mentor assigned to it).
  • We consider the collective form of the laboratory as a method. The work sessions are imagined as collective and collaborative.
  • In this series of workshops, we will share our tactics regarding the styles, techniques, and approaches in experimental filmmaking.
  • All participants are expected to complete their experimental short films by the end of the workshop series.

Preliminary timeline

5th of April
Open Call deadline

12th of April
Selection process, interviews

27-28th of April
Introduction, opening workshop: modes of production, presentation of projects & materials

4-5th of May
2 days of basic skills (shooting on film & developing BW, cinematography)

8th of June
Collective session to view rushes / have a discussion / feedback

24-25th of August
Editing & projection, presentation formats

21-22nd of September
Post-production & public screening/presentation (Sodas 2123 / NDG)

Tutors: Bon Alog, Miglė Križinauskaitė-Bernotienė, Miklós (Miki) Ambrózy alongside other external local and international artists and guests.
Participation Fee: €200* (inclusive of essential materials and equipment).
Application Deadline: April 5th, 2024.
Application form:
More info, questions:

Seize this opportunity to explore and expand your creative practice!

*This fee also includes two 30m rolls of BW EASTMAN DOUBLE-X negative film, bits of contact print film for process explorations, laboratory chemistry, equipment usage, shared materials and all small costs like rental of the space.