‘Folie à deux’ by Vita Opolskytė at Pamėnkalnio Gallery

7 pm
Duration: 2018 09 28  - 2018 10 19

vitaFOLIE À DEUX, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Vita Opolskytė, will open on September 28 at 7 pm at Pamėnkalnio Gallery (Pamėnkalnio 1, Vilnius).

According to the artist, the world does not disappear when you close your eyes. But then there is a possibility for another to come into being.

Vita Opolskytė: „I believe that there are several realities, – that alongside our mundane world there is another reality. I believe in the dream as another world, in the journey as another reality, photography as reflection of it, a picture as an illusion.

In this dissociation, liminality or failing to identify self in either of the two realities – in this fundamental mistrust in the surrounding environment – there remains only the sense there might be nothing real, only the continuous feeling of in-between. The in-between-dream effect has become the main pretext of my art today, whilst its symptoms have turned into a painterly strategy, and the affect on the viewer – into my artistic goal.

‘Folie à deux’ is the collection of my most recent paintings. In them I portray the disorienting world of the dream-reality, in which fragments (pictures) group up searching for the common denominator – the narrative. In the visual rebus composed in this way it is not clear when the reality ends and the dream begins, what is real and what is imagined, when the interior and when the landscape is depicted, if there are people around or just ghosts. The viewer of the exhibition is asked to close her or his eyes, retreat from the usual daily life and get at least somewhat infected by illusions of the world depicted by me“.

The exhibition will run until 19 October, 2018. Entrance is free of charge.

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September 24, 2018
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