Marko Mäetamm’s exhibition “The Alphabeth of Lies”

2013 12 17 - 2014 02 01
The artist is presenting two new works created during his recent 5-week residency at Civitella Ranieri Foundation. The exhibition takes its title from a series of drawings that span the entire Latin alphabet. In tune with Mäetamm’s idiosyncratic humour, each

In a Subway Tunnel with an Artificial Escort

“Underground” group exhibition at the kim? Contemporary Art Centre   I must begin with the fact that, in this case, it wouldn’t be correct to use the term “group exhibition”, bearing in mind the intention of the artists involved. There’s no

Remigijus Venckus’ exhibition “Blank Screens” at Šiauliai City’s Cultural Centre

2014 01 31 - 2014 02 20 / 6 pm
On 31 January, Friday, 6 pm Šiauliai City’s Cultural Centre “Laiptai Gallery” (Žemaitės Str. 83, 76234 Šiauliai) presents an exhibition Blank Screens by Remigijus Venckus, media artist, art critic, lecturer at Vytautas Magnus University. The Exhibition is comprised of new pieces

“The two kinds of order” LTMKS Project Space “Malonioji 6”

2014 02 01 - 2014 01 22 / 6 pm
On February 1, Saturday, 6 pm LTMKS Project Space Malonioji 6 presents an  exhibition The two kinds of order by Gedvilė Bunikytė. ‘The nature of reality is beautiful and mysterious, an unending process of movement and unfoldment. What we see as empty space contains

The 16th Tallinn Print Triennial: Literacy – Illiteracy

2014 01 06 - 2014 06 01
The Thursday, 6 February 2014, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Kumu Art Museum holds the opening of the 16th Tallinn Print Triennial. The Triennial deals with the relationship between visual art and literacy, between text and language in the 21st

Melvin Moti. Hyperspace

2014 01 31 - 2014 03 10 / 6 pm
Friday, 31 January at 6pm Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius) opens Melvin Moti’s exhibition “Hyperspace” offering viewers the chance to contemplate the fourth dimension: a geometrical space beyond human experience. The exhibition is accompanied by the artist’s book, MU, which analyses the

Sebastian Diaz Morales. Ficcionario

2014 01 31 - 2014 03 16
On January 31, Friday at 6pm Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius) present a solo exhibition Ficcionario by Argentinian video artist, Sebastian Diaz Morales. The exhibition invites visitors to immerse themselves in a journey through the architectural labyrinths, made specifically for this exposition,

Photo and video reportage from Mārtiņš Roķis’ sound art exhibition “2+2=5” at the LCCA Office Gallery

“In the context of politics, 2+2=5 is a formula for falsehood, where obvious truths are denied in the name of ideology. But in the context of perception, the visible or audible doesn’t guarantee the status of truth, as uncertainty, ambiguity

Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre

The Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center was opened on November 10, 2007 by acclaimed Lithuanian filmmaker Jonas Mekas. Address: Gynėjų g.14 (“Vilniaus Gates” complex), Vilnius, Lithuania Opening hours: Shifting. Contact: E-mail: T: +370 611 24166

“Realnotreal” performance by Monika Dirsytė

2014 01 30 / 6 pm
On January 30th, Thursday, 6 pm. “Realnotreal” performance by young artist Monika Dirsytė will take place at Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Centre. In her works, Monika combines installation with performance, emcompassing some of theatrical codes. Usually she becomes a part, a “heart”