The Grain of Photography

2014 09 25 — 2014 10 22 at Kaunas Photography Gallery
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania
Ruta Satalovaite_Kolektyviniai sapnai

Rūta Šatalovaitė, from the series Collective Dreams, 2014

On Thursday, September 25, Kaunas Photography Gallery opens The Grain of Photography exhibition.

Between the periodically announced death of photography and its present surplus-life, which manifests itself as ceaseless multiplication of images, there must be a third state. In the face of the mentioned dead-end, it is necessary to take from photography the elements that are, were, or could have been the most valuable, and mobilize them for a new life in other aesthetic platforms. It is neither a reanimation or an archeological excavation nor a search for new forms. Rather, it is an attempt to detect the grain of photography where it has always been latently present.

Curated by: Jurij Dobriakov