• Kaunas Photography Gallery


    Kaunas Photography gallery is situated in the heart of middle-age Kaunas Old Town in the center of Lithuania. It is a modern well-equipped gallery of 200 square meters renovated in 2010. This medium is one of the most important exhibition places in the region dedicated to photography and contemporary art. Gallery has been established and restored to provide an opportunity for national and international audience to realize the connection between photography tradition and new conception projects. This non-profit space presents innovative contemporary undertakings as well as traditional photography exhibitions. Creating this authentic medium for artists, we hope to interact closely with especially talented authors and critics and encourage them to make their expectations extremely real.


    Rotušės sq. 1/Vilniaus st. 2, Kaunas, Lithuania

    Opening hours:

    II-V – 11.00-18.00
    VI-VII – 11.00-17.00


    E-mail: photo@kaunasgallery.lt
    T/F: +370 37 321789