One opening. Three shows. Two performances at kim?

7 pm
Duration: 2018 02 15

Kim? Contemporary Art Centre proudly announces the opening of its first exhibition cycle this year on Thursday, February 15, from 7 to 10 pm with three new exhibitions.

The first exhibition entitled “In the Truth” is a solo exhibition by Latvian artist Toms Harjo, the winner of the Open Kim? Call 2018. “From a Body I Spent” is a solo exhibition and survey of video works and sculptures by Russian-born Toronto-based artist Felix Kalmenson which was curated by Maya Tounta from Greece. And last but not the least, “Undersong” is a duo-show by Lithuanian artists Lina Lapelyte and Indre Serpytyte-Roberts and co-organised by Rupert from Vilnius & curated by Juste Jonutyte.

The opening performance by Lina Lapelytė called Pirouette starts at 8 pm. Forever is Gonna Start Tonight by Felix Kamelson will commence at 8.30 pm.

In the Truth
Toms Harjo
The winner of the Open Kim? Call 2018

In the Truth is based on the artist’s life experience as a Jehovah’s Witness and his evocative series provides an opportunity to discuss the margins of art and our tolerance towards each other. The jury noted the artist’s insightful balance between portraiture, fashion and architecture. Harjo’s work breaks from classic themes and formal compositions. According to the artist, In the Truth tackles the narrative of a person’s relationship with religion in a vastly secular-minded world. Among Jehovah’s Witnesses, the locative noun “in the truth” colloquially represents an intangible space owned by the members of the faith. For example, the question “is she in the truth” means “is she a Jehovah’s Witness?”

Lina Lapelytė and Indrė Šerpytytė
Curated by Justė Jonutytė
Co-organized by Rupert within institution-in-residency programme

Though Lapelytė and Šerpytytė have different and independent practices, both explore the relationship between collective and individual memories and identities. The Undersong exhibition showcases this aspect of the artists’ work, focusing on the ways in which they investigate these themes through ritual, rhythm and repetition. Lapelytė’s performances take a close look at the discipline that is required to perform movements repetitively, which is both empowering and exhausting. Šerpytytė investigates how the making, exchange and ritual use of traditional woven sashes found across the Baltic states inform and are informed by changing cultural and political dynamics.

From a Body I Spent
Felix Kalmenson
Curated by Maya Tounta

The first solo show in the Baltics by Russian-born, Toronto-based artist Felix Kalmenson is a survey of video works from 2012 to today, and sculptures created on-site with collected materials from the city. Felix Kalmenson is a ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ whose practice navigates installation, video and performance. Kalmenson’s work variably narrates the liminal space of a researcher’s and artist’s encounter with landscape and archive. By bearing witness to everyday life and hardening the more fragile vestiges of private and collective histories through their work, Kalmenson gives themselves away to the cadence of a poem, always in flux. Kalmenson has exhibited internationally and has an exhibition with long-time collaborator Rouzbeh Akhbari coming up at the Hay Art Cultural Centre, Yerevan in May 2018.

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February 9, 2018
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