• Kim? Contemporary Art Centre

    Kim? is an art centre devoted to ideas, gestures, textures and interventions that shift from “a well-trained chameleon face” (Zane Onckule) to a cadavre exquis, from “a polygon, a laboratory, a lighthouse” (Jānis Borgs) to a hybrid organism. Founded in 2009, Kim? has actively contributed to the art discourse both in Latvia and on a global scale with extensive exhibition programming, as well as international collaborations, discussions, publications, talks and performances. Over the years, Kim? has worked with both emerging and renowned artists, theoreticians, curators, philosophers, translators and thinkers of other spheres aiming to provide a responsive context to their work and to make critical practices accessible to a wider audience.

    Kim? with its name being a question itself (“kas ir māksla?” – what is art?) inhabits an ongoing series of questions – what it means to be a cultural agent today and to contribute to the vast landscape of contemporary art, how to show and talk about art, thinking about how art functions in differing contexts of local and global economies, traditions, cultures and subcultures, between the disappearance and reappearance of identities.

    With over 200 exhibitions under its belt, Kim? continues to probe, to question, and to show.

    Text by Kaspars Groševs, 2019

    Working hours:
    Monday: closed
    12 pm–6 pm


    Sporta iela 2 k-1, LV-1013, Rīga
    + 371 29600916

    instagram.com/kim_cacYou can get to Kim? by using trolleybus line 3; 5; 25, bus line 11 till the stop Bruņinieku iela, or bus line 24, till the stop Sporta iela.