New series of exhibitions at kim? Contemporary Art Centre

7 pm
Duration: 2017 03 24  - 2017 05 07

17159064_10154636952315892_6376707461174467619_oWe are pleased to invite you to the opening of kim? Contemporary Art Centre’s new series of exhibitions on March 24, at 7 pm!

The second of this year’s exhibition cycles will present three solo shows:

1> “The Shakiest of Things” by Rodrigo Hernandez
Mexican artist Rodrigo Hernandez’s exhibition will consist of papier-mâché installations, which will fuse with the architecture of the exhibition space. The exhibition title is derived from Swiss novelist Robert Walser’s work The Microscripts, which was written in a very specific manner, dimensionally approaching the limits of legibility in a condensed writing format.

2> “α: Deceived Deceivers” by Ieva Kraule
Ieva’s solo-exhibition will feature sculptures and a speaking robot aka automaton, who has been named “Sofia”. The robot is a character – the opposite of its creator’s weaknesses. Visually Sofija is likened to a human face, but technically it is operated by a simple mechanism that allows the robot to move its jaw and imitate an audible audio recorded story. The exhibition will be supplemented by the artist’s essay fragments, reciting a conversation between Sofia and her creator. During the conversation, the creator of the automaton tries to understand what it means to be a machine and compares it with human nature.

3>”Draft and Float” by Maija Luutonen
Assuming the surface of paintings as a disappearing material, the works in Luutonen’s exhibition “Draft and Float” play on the relationship between time and motion, the human and his surrounding environment – architecture, nature, their relationships and proportions.

Exhibitions on view till May 7.

Refreshments by ABSOLUT, Birzī & Valmiermuiža

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March 20, 2017
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