Margieta Griestiņa’s personal exhibition ‘Daggy’s Last Selfie’ at Small Gallery of Tartu Art House

6:30 pm
Duration: 2017 11 17  - 2017 12 10
Location: Tartu Art House

FACEBOOK-HEADERThe material for artist Margrieta Griestiņa’s (Dreiblate) personal exhibition Daggy’s Last Selfie was made during the shooting of director Normunds Griesiņš’ (TV Maskava) feature film Fly (2017). The film was shot in the environment of GTA V PlayStation game in an 11-day gamer camp setup, which also saw the creation of the exhibition’s main character Daggy – a blind, black middle-aged man with the identity of a rural gangster. Instead of submitting to the rules of the game, which involve the building of the gameworld and violence in killing the other characters of the game, Daggy decides to document his emotional experiences and feelings towards his friends as well as the virtual city and nature by making selfies. Often Daggy is killed before he manages to photograph himself, therefore he has no choice but to leave his friends and go on romantic rambles on his own. The exhibition will include Daggy’s photographs, which turn into meta-selfies upon materialisation outside the virtual world, while the installed audio equipment will create the soundscape of Daggy’s world.

Margrieta Griestiņa is a painter, stage designer, installation and performance artist. She graduated from the Department of Visual Communication at the Art Academy of Latvia and takes part in exhibitions since 2011. Griestiņa is interested in border situations where encounters between high culture and mass culture, between the marginalised world and the world of refined glamour take place, acquiring the form of non-art or kitsch in her works. Using the mix of these various cultures and aesthetics she creates her personal version and commentary on reality, which is told using the camouflages of mass culture and pop culture.

Project’s partners and supporters: Tartu Artists’ Union, City of Tartu, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, GolfClayderman, OWGU, Valmiermuiža.

17 November – 10 December 2017
Small Gallery of Tartu Art House
Exhibition curator: Šelda Puķīte

Exhibition opening at 18.30
Performance of TV Maskava (Normunds Griestiņš) at 20.00

Echo Gone Wrong
November 15, 2017
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