• Tartu Art House

    tartu art house

    Tartu Art House is a venue of Tartu Artists’ Union, which has been organising exhibitions in the exhibition spaces at Vanemuise Street 26 since the building was completed in 1959. Currently the building houses three galleries: the Big Gallery on the 2nd floor (172 m²), the Small Gallery on the ground floor (57 m²) and the Monumental Gallery facing the courtyard (57 m²). The spaces serve as a comfortable venue for holding personal exhibitions but also for organising bigger exhibition projects, which occupy all of the galleries.

    The exhibition plan is put together based on an open competition for one year. Approximately 30 exhibitions are held annually. Admission to the exhibitions and tours is free.


    Vanemuise 26, Tartu, 51003, Estonia

    Opening hours:

    III-I 12.00-18.00


    E-mail: sekretar@kunstimaja.ee
    T.:+372 742 7671