Workshops for people with ADHD at LUNA6

May 17, 2022
Author Echo Gone Wrong

neurometronomy is the latest project from artist Dovydas Laurinaitis that explores time, and humans’ relationship to it, through the lens of ADHD.

Based on the hunter vs farmer hypothesis from evolutionary psychology, the project looks at the personal time-zones of neurodivergent people as a way of opening a portal to the pre-agricultural revolution past, into a circular, fluid, queer time.

For the first stage of the project, two dialogues took place digitally with artists Marilena Sitaropoulou and Kit Bower-Morris, and their outcomes are presented at

Starting from 23 May, a series of workshops will take place at LUNA6 in Vilnius to develop methodologies of extending personal time-zones outward and overlapping them to disrupt rigid, linear, standard time; opening these temporary portals.

These workshops are open exclusively to individuals with ADHD, and you can register here.

This project is funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.