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Vaida Tamoševičiūtė’s ‘Body of Mother’ opening + live performance at Undercurrent, New York

Opening reception + live performance:
December 3, Friday 6–9 pm
Live performance All my scars 7.30–8.00 pm
WARNING: Adult content

Everything I do is an attempt to find my own reality, says Vaida Tamoševičiūtė and perharps this best reflects the artist’s relationship with her work, which is live and constantly revised. Co-organized by Undercurrent and Meno Parkas Gallery Body of Mother [1], is an exhibition of performance videos on motherhood.

Tamoševičiūtė’s work vulnerably surveys her own feelings and articulates the transformations she experiences – bodily and spiritually. Frictions permeate: personal expectations versus societal, survival as artist/self while becoming a mother, and the perceptions of the individual in the age-long chain of mothers-daughters-mothers.

The intimacy of performance is the absolute medium to engage this topic; the body itself is the means of expression. Gifted to motherhood, the body as a tool for art and the creative process simultaneously return itself to the artist — the work is whole/complete.

Motherhood is personal and universal, everyone is touched by it in one way or another. Vaida Tamoševičiūtė’s work purifies/distills this idea until it becomes a metaphor, sometimes expressed in a painfully direct way, Tamoševičiūtė evokes the entire spectrum of feelings with the audience.

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Joseph Morgan Schofield, UK artist, writer, curator, about Body of Mother:
Sitting with “Body of Mother”, I sit with fragments, with details. In many of these works you curate our field of vision, and so you organise our witness. I appreciate this in part because it speaks to that experience of partiality. Many of the signifiers of You are absent – Vaida is anonymised but, crucially, not universalised for the specificities of your body, your feeling, your gender, remain in play. 

Vaida Tamoševičiūtė
70 John St. Brooklyn, NY