The Slow Art Day at Europos Parkas

2024 04 13
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Subjectively, we experience the flow of time differently, as many of us notice in our everyday lives. Sometimes a day, a week, a month, or even a year seems to have flown by, while other times we notice that time passes slowly. Of course, it may be because we had to endure something difficult or particularly boring. However, perhaps we can ‘force’ time to flow slower especially when things are going well.

The Slow Art Day in Europos Parkas is an invitation to a meaningful relaxation. A leisurely stroll amidst the awakened nature, unhurried exploration of art, and self-reflection. The most important thing is to discover how slowing down changes the experience, how the quality of what we do changes.

On Saturday, April 13th, at 12 pm, Europos Parkas invites you to a slow, attentive, peaceful, and nurturing journey through the ensemble of contemporary art and nature.

The Slow Art event will begin with an introduction to Europos Parkas itself as a huge artwork, encouraging full immersion in this moment, feeling the connection between nature and creativity. Then, the participants of the event will embark on a journey together with the art educator Karen Vanhercke. Anyone can discover, understand, and deeply experience art. You don’t need an expert or an art connoisseur for that. However, those who want to discuss, listen, and share their thoughts will also have the opportunity.

Visitors to the museum, which exhibits more than a hundred sculptures and landscape artworks, will be invited to discover perhaps only a few pieces from this extensive ensemble and find out what makes this slower experience different. Expanding the time interval dedicated to understanding a single artwork reveals much more than we might think – more perspectives open up, more senses engage, new ideas arise.

After the walk, at 1 pm, everyone will be invited to share their impressions, thoughts, discoveries, while enjoying tea and cookies.

Each artwork reveals itself differently in different seasons, times of the day, and moments. How sensitively can you notice this change, how much can you perceive it? By visiting the Slow Art event, you will be able to find out.

Duration of the event: 1,5 hours. After purchasing the museum visitor’s ticket, the event is free.

Pre-registration is required by phone +370 698 30923 or email

Please note that Europos Parkas is open daily from 10 am to sunset. Tickets and information: