TASE '22 – The Estonian Academy of Arts' Graduation Show Festival

2022 05 27
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The event of the year for young Estonian art, design, architecture and art culture.

On May 27 at 4 pm, the annual event of the Estonian Academy of Arts, the graduation show TASE ’22, will open in the courtyard of EKA at Põhja pst 7. The main exhibition of the festival contains the graduation works of this year’s masters. Along with the main exhibition, the website tase.artun.ee will also be published.

As part of the art festival, you will see the top achievements of the Estonian art, design, architecture and art culture on all floors of EKA’s main building and in many locations across Tallinn.

TASE ’22 will be opened by Liina Kersna, Minister of Education and Research. The Young Artist Award and the Young Applied Artist Award will be announced. Greeting speech will be given by Philipp Heidkamp, ​​Vice President of Cumulus, the global association of art and design education and research.

The works will be exhibited throughout all floors of the EKA main building, the EKA Gallery and the Billboard Gallery. The dissertations can be viewed in the ARS Art Factory project room, showroom and room no. 112, Vent Space, Rotermann quarter, Kanuti Guild Basement Hall, Lai 31 and Kadriorg Art Museum. In addition, TASE’ 22 satellite-, curator- and solo exhibitions will be opened.

Graduates of the Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Architecture, Design and Art and Culture faculties will participate in the exhibition as well as recipients of the bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Design will also show their level.

This year the meaning of sustainability remains to be the central plot and key to most works among the graduates.

In the Faculty of Fine Arts, the recycling of personal and common space and the environment sets the tone. The endurance performances and installations of Sophie Durand, Johannes Luik, Junny Yeung, Katariin Mudist, as well as Mathias Väärsi, masters of contemporary art, open up the tension of being within their frame of work.

The Faculty of Design students ask how design has become more responsible and sustainable. Design has changed because it is no longer just the creation of new things, it actively defines what already exists. Among other topics, product designer Argo Tamm is engaged in the reuse of public space furniture, while Liisa Kanemägi’s work looks into the meaning of decaying fabrics and their physicality. The question is how to design the living environment and how to do it without burdening the life and the present of the future.

In the Faculty of Architecture, the expression of power relations in the city, personal work and living space, waste landscapes, the key to reviving former industrial areas, as well as interpreting the so-called intermediate in landscapes and spaces whose functionality is changing from the old to the new, are important. Architect Lill Volmer examines the premises of collective activity in Sillamäe, Eneli Kleemann wants to know how the stagnant office architecture is suitable for living spaces and Marie Anette Veesaar explains how to create a safe urban school path for children close to home.

When studying cultural heritage, the Faculty of Art Culture finds a lot suitable for the era, from the role of inspiring women at the turn of the century to the emergence of those working in the fringes of art. For example, Nele Ambos, a master’s student in Cultural Heritage and Conservation, will present to the public the person and the work of Lilly Walther, Estonia’s first professional restorer.

Detailed information and program at tase.artun.ee. The dissertations can be browsed on this page from May 27. In addition to the works on display, the written works of the Faculty of Art Culture and the Doctoral School, as well as the rest of the BA degree theses and portfolios, will also be available online. The TASE websites of previous years are located at tase20.artun.ee and tase21.artun.ee.

Young Artist and Applied Artist Awards

The MA and BA awards for Young Artists and Young Applied Artists will be announced at the opening of the exhibition. The prizes are € 1,500.

The MA winner of the Young Artist Award will be chosen from among the graduates of the Department of Contemporary Art and the BA winner will be chosen from the graduates of the Departments of Photography, Installation and Sculpture, Painting and Graphics. The MA level award includes the possibility of an exhibition at the Draakon or Hobusepea gallery. This year’s jury includes art professionals Elin Kard, Marko Mäetamm, Aleksander Zahharov, Karolin Poska (MA only), Sigrid Viir and Maarin Ektermann.

The winners of the Young Applied Artist MA and BA awards are chosen from the graduates of Jewelery and Blacksmithing, Ceramics, Glass, Fashion Design, Leather Art, Accessory and Bookbinding Design and Textiles. The MA level award is accompanied by an exhibition in the HOP gallery. This year the jury consists of Maria Valdma, Ketli Tiitsar, Gregor Taul, Keiu Krikmann and Tiina Sarapu.

Chief Organizer: Pire Sova
Assistant: Dana Lorên Vares
Exhibition design: Brigit Arop, Katarina Ild, Anabel Ainso
Communication: Solveig Jahnke, Andres Lõo, Maarja Pabut
Graphic design: Birgita Siim, Agnes Isabelle Veevo, Aaro Veiderpass
Web coordinator: Kert Väljak
TASE FILM and opening event: Johanna Kuzmenko, Ligia Fernandes

The exhibition is supported by: Estonian Cultural Endowment, Birch, Mistra, Estonian Artists’ Union

Exhibition locations:

EKA, Põhja pst 7

Vent Space, Freedom Square 6-8

ARS Kunstilinnak, Pärnu mnt 154

Rotermanni 7