Solo exhibition 'Shifting Presence' by Vytautas Kumža at Prospekto Gallery

2021 06 15 — 2021 07 10
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania
In this personal exhibition, Vytautas Kumža presents the latest photographic works, which he combines with sculptural objects of similar logic in the space. Interested in the materiality of the environment from which our cognitive experience originates, Kumža uses different production processes to destroy, remove, or recombine as an opportunity to emerge an alternative.
Vytautas work often captures and reinforces the feeling of absurdity or strangeness in unstable, illusory and sometimes deceptive moments of everyday life. The main focus is not in people, but in the traces they leave and what meaning it holds.
Works can be seen as the study of causes and effects or different ways in which simple gestures can change the position of an object and have important consequences for that. Kumža uses an arsenal of various instruments to transform deeply resonating carriers of meaning. Using a variety of materials – photographs, glass, epoxy, hair, mirror and colored foil, the artist creates a strange resonance environment, a space of reflection that disrupts the relationship of everyday objects.
This exhibition is reminiscent of the process of photosynthesis, like a greenhouse space. It becomes an ecosystem offering to rethink beliefs or abandon prejudices.
Lietuvos fotomeninikų sąjungos veiklą finansuoja Lietuvos kultūros taryba.
Lithuanian Photographers Association is financed by Lithuanian Council for Culture.
Parodos rėmėjas Mondrian Fonds.
Exhibition sponsored by Mondrian Fonds.
Parodos partneris The Rooster Gallery.
Exhibitions partner: The Rooster Gallery.
Grafinis dizainas: Laslo Strong.
Graphic design: Laslo Strong.
Dėkojame: Gabriel Lester.
Acknowledgement: Gabriel Lester.
Prospekto Gallery
Gedimino Ave 43, Vilnius
II–V 12.00–19.00
VI 12.00–16.00