Series of workshops 'The Plant Oracle' with Brigita Kasperaitė

November 20, 2020
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Institutio media invites to participate in a series of semi online workshops with artist Brigita Kasperaitė. Register and join to become part of The Plant Oracle and explore the possible communication between humans and plants, the role of the pleasure industry for humans, and the future scenarios.

The base for the workshop is a toolkit created for this year’s Ars Electronica’20 festival, where the artist created a circuit by connecting plants and humans using an electro-stimulation device, which stimulates the energy between humans and plants. It suggests that the direct energy from plants might help to enrich ourselves and our minds.

“Rethinking the recent research from scientists from Stockholm University (Sweden) and their calculation, according to which plants are getting extinct more than 1000 times faster than predicted, I became inspired by a fictitious scenario of the future, where plants would become rare. Perhaps so rare, that their energy would be the most precious and the most expensive energy. Or, in my own term, divine.”- says B. Kasperaitė.

Participants of the workshop will use the created toolkit to experience the electrical discharges between humans and plants and will speculate on the possible future scenarios. The final result of participants will be shown in an exhibition at Alt lab, a non disciplinary laboratory in Vilnius.

The workshop will be held between 27 November – 18 December 2020, organised in a series of online and offline meetings.

Please register by email by 25th of November 2020 if you would like to join, including a short motivation.

Brigita Kasperaitė is a multidisciplinary artist working with ideas of hybrid humanity and different angles of perception towards us. A successful graduate from Vilnius Academy of Arts, she currently works and lives in between Germany and Lithuania. The artist was one of the participants in this year’s “Ars Electronica” festival, where she offered tools for experiencing electricity together with plants. In her artwork “The Birth of Venus” she is exploring electrical discharges which may become a source for experiencing the divine.

The project is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.
Organized by Institutio Media, in partnership with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association.