Screening of 'Moi aussi, je regarde' & 'Roosenberg' by Ingel Vaikla at L'Atlas, Paris

December 11, 2023
Author Echo Gone Wrong

A screening of Ingel Vaikla’s films at L’Atlas Gallery on December 13, 7–9 pm.  Two films Moi aussi, je regarde and Roosenberg will be screened as part of the exhibition Breathing through the eyes. The screening will be followed by an artist talk with Ingel Vaikla, moderated by curator of the exhibition Merilin Talumaa.

Moi aussi, je regarde
16mm scanned to HD video, colour + B&W, 4:3, stereo, 23′, 2023

Moi aussi, je regarde is an experimental documentary film which portrays widely reproduced building unité d’habitation in Marseille by Atelier Le Corbusier through the stories of its female inhabitants. The film attempts to give the building its own agency to not only be looked at but to be empowered to look back in the masculine world of modernity.

HD video, stereo sound, 29′, 2017

Roosenberg is a place, a space, a building, a film. Roosenberg is Amanda, Godelieve, Rosa and Trees. Roosenberg is a letter that tells of an encounter with the core community of Marian Sisters of St. Francis in a modernist monastery in Belgium. The everyday communal life of the sisters, their religious practice, connection with the space and final departure is captured, in order to tell a story of a building at the beginning of the end.

Ingel Vaikla (1992, Tallinn) is a visual artist and a filmmaker based in Brussels working primarily with video, 16 mm analogue film and found footage. Vaikla’s artistic practice focuses on representation of architecture and on the relationship between the space and its communities. She is on a constant search for visual language that would not simply observe architecture as a sculptural form but would translate the existential, conceptual and ideological qualities spaces manifest.

The exhibition Breathing through the eyes gathers together different generations of artists from the Baltic countries, most of them presenting their work in Paris for the first time. The exhibition touches subtly on the ideas of Lithuanian-American archaeologist and anthropologist Marija Gimbutas, whose profound research brought attention to the ancient cultures of the Baltic region and the broader Indo-European world, especially well described in her book The Balts (1963). The exhibition takes its inspiration from Gimbutas’ ideas which have influenced contemporary perspectives on heritage, indigenous identities, and the relationship between humans and nature in the Baltic Sea area.

Participating artists in the exhibition: Aili Vint (EE), Daria Melnikova (LV), Kristel Saan (EE), Kristina Õllek (EE), Monika Varšavskaja (EE/FR), Morta Jonynaitė (LT), Viktorija Daniliauskaitė (LT)

Curator: Merilin Talumaa (EE)
Gastronomic performance: Monika Varšavskaja (EE/FR)
Exhibition setup: Daria Melnikova (LV)
Communication visuals: Gaile Pranckunaite (LT)
Exhibition stays open to public until December 22, 2023.
Visits by appointment: December 23, 2023–January 3, 2024.