'River of Light' by Linas Blažiūnas at the Meno Niša gallery

2021 11 23 — 2021 12 23 at Gallery 'Meno niša'
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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Vilnius gallery Meno Niša invites everyone to the opening of the last exhibition of this year on November 23. Linas Blažiūnas, a graphic artist of the young generation, will present graphic paintings in his 13th personal exhibition River of Light (Šviesupė), in which he will analyze the daily processes of light overlap.

Linas Blažiūnas (b. 1986) graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a master’s degree in graphic art, has organized 12 personal exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad, and was selected as the best artist of the fair by the visitors of the international contemporary art fair ArtVilnius’16. Having started with traditional graphic techniques, in recent years L. Blažiūnas has switched to a form of installations, creating graphic objects and working with light paintings. The artist’s distinct techniques of works take a lot of time and fascinate with their precision and mastery.

Blažiūnas was invited to join the circle of artists of the gallery Meno Niša after the international art fair ArtVilnius’20, where he presented his graphic light objects in the exhibition Takas. “We have been following the work of Linas Blažiūnas for a long time and wanted to add a contemporary creator of pure graphics to our group of artists representing various media. We also presented Linas’ work very successfully at the art fair Positions Berlin in September, – said Diana Stomienė, the head of gallery Meno Niša.

Blažiūnas describes the artificial light often used in his creative practice as a phenomenon that allows observing the possibilities of human vision. The artist is interested in the collision of natural and electric light and the field of vision of natural and artificial light.

The exhibition River of Light emphasizes the daily processes of light overlap, the collisions of natural and electric lights become important. As the artist himself says, in the exhibition, he reflects on the interactions and meanings of natural and artificial light.

“Compounds of light are associated with the definition of white noise, which means a random signal covering the entire range of human audibility, similar to white light which is made up of all the colors in the spectrum. The LED light used in the works is not visible in the same shade in random ambient light. The aim of the creative process was a state of calm that grows into the lightness of being,” said L. Blažiūnas about the concept of his future exhibition.

The opening of L. Blažiūnas’ exhibition River of Light is on November 23, from 4 to 7 p.m. The exhibition will run until December 23.  The sponsor of the gallery is Vilnius City Municipality