2014 12 02 — 2014 12 20
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

post ideja

POSTIDEA is a continuous project, presenting urgent tendencies of contemporary art trough a female perspective. The title of the show refers to a particular space, to (un)covering of a surface, to probing of invisible, inner spaces, to inverting of the private and the public. At the same time the Lithuanian word PLOTAS / SPACE has a partisan emancipatory meaning of a free space when you are a teenager home alone and your parents are not around to impose rules, judgement and punishment. PLOTAS / SPACE is a revolt against hierarchy, it values individual and marginal experiences.

Female artists in Lithuania are still overshadowed by men and are still less visible in public, while their input into cultural processes less noted. A proof to that is the National Prize that has been awarded to men only for the past two years, as well as the Theatre achievement award also received only by men. Therefore female art shows have not only artistic but also political significance.

POSTIDEA. PLOTAS / SPACE seeks to attract attention to the differences of artistic strategies that emphasise cultural constructs of “femininity” through a relationship with an artist’s biography and her environment. Works created specifically for this show analyse the relationship of body and space, dialectics of the inside and the outside, and identity (de)construction through sound and architecture. Exhibition was designed by architect Julija Reklaitė.

The exhibition has a designated open space LAISVAS PLOTAS for discussions, performances, talks, and free improvisations that will feature Laura Kreivytė, Fiokla Kiurė, Dalia Mikonytė, Margarita Jankauskaitė, Shalmira and others looking for a free space for their creativity – everyone is welcome.

Laima Kreivytė