Photo reportage from the exhibition 'Tools for the Future (ANSKA)' by Agnė Juodvalkytė at Galerie Bernau

Tools for the Future (ANSKA)
18. Jun – 30. July 2022
Agnė Juodvalkytė
Opening: Friday, 17. Jun 2022, 18 – 22 h
Galerie Bernau
Artist Agnė Juodvalkytė will show installative painting as well as textiles in her solo exhibition “Tools for the Future (ANSKA)”. The works on display are from a series created after her grandmother passed away in early 2021. Her grandmother Ona (called “ANSKA” by her family) lived between her home in Vilnius, Lithuania, and her farm in the Alytus district of southern Lithuania. After being deported to Asinas in Siberia during the deportation period of the Soviet oppression (1953-1956), ANSKA returned to Vilnius where she raised her eight children, including the painter’s mother. Agnė spent much of her childhood participating in her grandmother’s natural learning process of craft making. With “Tools for the Future (ANSKA),” the future becomes visible as acquired and transferable knowledge, and the artist’s work points to how role models shape one’s future.
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Photography: Philippe Gerlach