Photo reportage from the exhibition 'The Oracle' by Auksė Miliukaitė at the Rooster Gallery

June 29, 2020
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Be my guest.
Caressing a whispering spring.
Picking a daisy and smelling its last breath: loves me or loves me not.
Taking a bite of a cookie and finding the answer you were looking for.
I‘m waiting while spinning in circles. (Sama)

We meet in a study
with or without colours.
Sprouting, growing, rotting, dying.
Searching for your beginning
or ending.
When I grasp it I share it.

The Rooster Gallery kindly invites you to the solo painting exhibition ‘The Oracle’ by Auksė Miliukaitė. The exposition of her newest works challenges traditional visual consumption of painting and urges to use other senses – smell, hearing, taste, touch – separately, in different combinations and all together. Referring to various practices of mysticism, the artist provokes the viewers to feel, to experience and to re-experience the art, set their intuition and internal knowledge free. And then questions will become answers. Or vice versa.

Exhibition opening 18 June at 6 pm. The exhibition will be open until July 19.
Exhibition will take place in a new gallery space in Vilniaus str. 24 (entrance from the inner yard of The Radvilas Palace), in collaboration with The Lithuanian National Museum of Art.

Opening hours of the gallery: V 16.00–19.00, VI 16.00–19.00, VII 14.00–17.00.
You can also schedule the visits by phone +370 629 07226, or email us at

Photography: The Rooster Gallery