Photo reportage from the exhibition 'The Curious' by Marta Frėjutė at Artifex gallery

July 12, 2022
Author Echo Gone Wrong

The purpose of the car-sized robot researching Gale crater on Mars is to study the planet’s climate, geology and viability. In its first year alone, the rover sent about 190 GB of data to Earth and took more than 36,000 high-resolution photos that not only served in research, but also stimulated the imagination and curiosity of Internet users. A number of speculative scientific pages that develop conspiracy theories and spread the most unexpected ideas about life on Mars have emerged. During the Coronavirus pandemic, the curious space rover did not stop working and sends photos from the red planet. A huge industry is being used for space exploration and publicity. The promise of the colonization of Mars is sold only as a substitute for the salvation of this planet. The fascinating fantasy of space development, which mixes economic interests and the joys of discovery, is multiplied daily by ordinary Internet users and stimulates one of the main impulses of progress – curiosity. In the context of the apocalyptic worldwide climate catastrophe, nuclear war, and the Coronavirus, the exhibition calls to rethink the links between space politics, fetishization of technological development, human desires and fantasies, and raises the question whether there are limits to human curiosity.

The Curious
Marta Frėjutė
VAA gallery Artifex
Gaono str. 1, VIlnius (Lithuania)

Photography: Andrej Vasilenko