Photo reportage from the exhibition 'Silver Bullet / Dinner for Four' by Holger Loodus at the Vaal Gallery

October 1, 2023
Author Echo Gone Wrong

The exhibition brings together two parallel narratives presented as a cohesive unity through the mediums of painting and video.

The series of paintings titled “Dinner for Four” is about you and me and the unknown guests who come to visit us one evening from far away. The guests have come to provide answers to questions that have been bothering us for a long time – how to end wars and solve global problems; what the future of our planet will be; is humanity still sustainable or is it time to pack up and leave? And finally, as perhaps what we all think about, how can we become better human beings? At the same time, there are so many questions we would like to ask, but perhaps we are afraid to. What answers do they bring? We’ve never sat down with people who have no face, no body, and who don’t speak with words. But they talk a lot.

“Silver Bullet” is a video essay about a rifle bullet lost in space. A closer look reveals that a solitary character lives there inside. We don’t know how they got there, where they’re going or what they’re thinking. At the same time, inevitable processes and strange events are taking place. The artist wonders whether such phenomena take place inside every bullet on its journey.

Holger Loodus (b 1970) is a musician, painter, multimedia and installation artist, as well as a lecturer at the Estonian Academy of Arts. His work is characterized by the construction of strange situations that at times strive towards fantastical realities or alternative histories. In order to do this, he uses analytical and poetic-philosophical visual means – from hyperrealist painting to mechanisms he himself has constructed and from video to staged installations. In 2018, Loodus participated in the exhibition of the Köler Prize nominees at the Contemporary Art Museum of Estonia and was awarded the People’s Choice Award. Since 2010, he has exhibited in group and solo exhibitions in Estonia, Lithuania, Finland and Germany, his most recent solo exhibitions took place at Kai Art Center (2023), Kogo Gallery (2021), Turku Art Museum (2019) and the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery (2017).

Contributors to the exhibition:
Sander Põldsaar – camera and post-production.
Katrin Enni – sound
Aaron Adam Bluds – passenger

The artist would like to thank: Rein Loodus, Kristel Altmäe, Andreas Altmäe, Iris Vilu, Mihkel Ilus, Jane Muts, Hans Lillemets, Tanel Paliale, Irma Bluds, Johannes Säre, Taavi Suisalu, Siim Soop, Tiina Määrmann, Kelli Gedvil, Ian Simon Märjama

Exhibition is supported by: the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Punch Club.\

“Silver Bullet / Dinner for Four”
Holger Loodus

15/09/2023 — 07/10/2023
Vaal Gallery
Tuesday–Friday 12pm–6pm, Saturday 12pm–4pm
Telliskivi 60A/5, Tallinn

Photography: Vaal Gallery