Photo reportage from the exhibition 'paratopia' by Ignė Grikevičiūtė at Artifex

July 4, 2023
Author Echo Gone Wrong

This paratopia is a space of visible words. A paradoxical place that creates itself, that speaks of encounter and waits for it, that hovers in an in-between state. It is both a poem that turns into prose and at the same time a narrative that decays. The characteristics of this place are revealed through the kaleidoscopic perspective of the visitor‘s memory. Meaning moves, disappears and returns again in the invisible horizon.

Disembodied air, oxygen, wind. An all-embracing uncertainty, a formless invisibility, neither inside nor outside, a necessity. Often the abstract is perceived as insufficient, demanding a self-balancing concreteness. Here, in the paratopic space, there is none. This exhibition is a product of inevitable hesitation. My own way of being, unable to locate myself in the social and cognitive medium, in the fields of art and literature.

I construct the experience of the exhibition with relatively few components. I choose the expression of text and photography, which are somewhere on the borderline. Through this combination, I try to weave together the insignificance of everyday details. I feel the influence of the signs that help to orientate oneself in physical space and of the image that the eye captures as it passes.

In 2022 I graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Vilnius Academy of Arts with a BA and MA degree. Using minimalist approaches, my artistic practice explores themes of intersubjectivity, poetics and abstraction.

Ignė Grikevičiūtė
* Due to the NATo Summit held in Vilnius the gallery will be closed from 6th to 12th of July.
VAA gallery Artifex, Gaono str. 1, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Photography: Andrej Vasilenko