Photo reportage from the exhibition 'Kingfisher in the Underworld. Spectres and Virtual Spaces' by Peeter Laurits at Hobusepea gallery

July 10, 2023
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Peeter Laurits opened his solo exhibition Kingfisher in the Underworld. Spectres and Virtual Spaces in Hobusepea gallery on June 14th, 2023. Co-autors of the exhibition are Martin Rästa, Kaiko Lipsmäe & Maido Hollo. Exhibition will be open until July 10, 2023.

In Women’s Sauna with Mother. Hot Water Tap and Cold Water Tap.
In the Underworld with Father. Surface Areas, Vascular Systems and Intestines.
Triptych of Memory. Love.
Calibrating the Hexagrams.
Kingfisher Hums and Hurtles Through the Phantom Platform.

Dragons are Getting It on, the Beyond Is Blushing and the Mouth Fills with Saliva.
The Fern’s Encounter of the Third Kind with a Terrestrial Life Form.
Where Did the Kingfisher Go 2
Mushrooms are Spinning the Thread of Life and Pouring Blue Wine.
Family Trees are Cranking Up the Steam and Dripping with Honey
Toes are Squelching in Topographical Euphoria
Enzymes are Stripping Slowly
Libido is Running Riot in Earth’s Intestines. Soil Microbes are Opening Champagne Bottles.
Libido Drips Through Geometry. Euclid Is Left Staring Agape
Chlorophyll Absorbs Photons and Folds Origami from the Breath of Life
Kingfisher Is Saying a Spell

VR loop Gaia’s Secret Passages
VR loop An Abode Carved out of Ash

Visiting the underworld is like diving into yourself — vascular systems, intestines, streams, divisions, entanglements, clots. Throbbing muscles and blood. Chemical and electrical tremors. Quivers, undulations, eruptions. Strange tastes. It’s weird to sense that there are different lives busying themselves inside you, that you are all those different lives.

In the underworld you understand that there is no such thing as hell. The underground is a fizzy round dance of countless lives. Roots interlink and grow together with mushroom mycelia. Insects and nematodes, countless microscopical creatures of different shapes are breaking down the dying and decomposing into nourishing droplets, new life. Strange communication networks are woven, alliances and hotspots created. Little worms keep stimulating that warm sauna, soil microbes and moulds perform chemical acrobatic feats.

The underworld is a garden of diverging paths, soft, warm and moist. Everything bubbles and decomposes in slow motion, grows into each other, exchanges matter and consciousness. In the underworld, each other’s life juices are absorbed in a never-ending kiss, death is translated into birth and slurped back into the circle of life.

Thank you to the Estonian Artists’ Association and Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Kingfisher is part of BIOTOOPIA art program

Exhibitions in Hobusepea gallery are supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Estonian Ministry of Culture and Liviko Ltd.

Exhibition by Peeter Laurits
Title: Kingfisher in the Underworld. Spectres and Virtual spaces
Open: 14.06.-10.07.2022
Hobusepea Gallery, Hobusepea 2, Tallinn.
Wed-Mon 11.00-18.00

Photos by Anna Mari Liivrand & Peeter Laurits