Photo reportage from the exhibition 'Grandpa Approves' by Viktoria Terezia Jurkovska at Artifex

January 23, 2024
Author Echo Gone Wrong

4 countries, 4 years, 1 medium. Mixed media textiles by Slovak artist Viktoria Terezia Jurkovska, unveiling analog narratives and illustrations in a digital collage. “Grandpa approves” tells a story of an intimate exhibition presented in the form of visual diaries. Conceptual textile prints, as storytellers of the exhibition, consist of experimental digital art and analog photography. They intertwin themes of psychogeography and domestic culture having been developed for 4 years in 4 different countries – Slovakia, United Kingdom, Poland and Spain.

Artist completed a bachelor’s degree “Contemporary Arts Practice ” specializing in graphic arts and mixed media textile design at Bath Spa University in England. Her studies continued with a semester of Fashion Design course at the School of Form in Poland.

Jurkovska’s portfolio brings digital collage and sublimation printing as her main studio practice. Her art route commenced back in Presov, SK where she would start attending an elementary art school at the age of 6. Her art expression evolved through acrylic painting eventually replacing paper with textiles as a painted medium. Later she explored sublimation printing in her first year at university. “She wants to be” came as her visual response to Slovak folkloric partners and resulted as a new chapter in her portfolio, the art of wearable fashion. She continued exploring this theme in Poland studying Fashion design course. However, the true art self of hers she found in large scale sublimation prints. Project “DedkoдідусьGrandpa Sikorjak” became the initial artwork showcasing a mixture of analog photography, painting and digital collaging all displayed on textile medium. Curation of collaborative projects and active international exhibiting became fused with various internships after university studies. Jewellery design internship or graphic design internship at a medieval castle in Slovakia shaped her route to Barcelona where she was based for 2 years. Art space of a gallery, Galería Maxó, in Barcelona became her art residence where she would continue developing art and selling her paintings around the globe.

She continues developing digital illustrations for Slovak online mental health channel “Hlavyrint” referencing her latest textile project “Caramel Talks”. After 4 years abroad, she returns to her hometown to build a little world of her own. Therefore, this exhibition represents an intimate confession of hers bringing “Grandpa” as a metaphor for returning home to her true roots.

Viktoria Terezia Jurkovska
“Grandpa Approves”
16/01 – 09/02/2024
VAA gallery Artifex, Gaono str. 1, Vilnius (Lithuania)

Photography: LightStrokePhoto (Valerija Semeniuk, Justas Gulbinovičius)