Photo reportage from the exhibition 'Garden of Eve' by Lisette Lepik at the Uus Rada Gallery

February 16, 2022
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Lisette Lepik’s exhibition ”Garden of Eve” was shown at Uus Rada Gallery from January 28th until February 3rd 2022

Everything began from there: the land, the world, the air, the sky, the soil, the water, the fire, the land. Me and you, you and me, us and we. Everything begins from there. I took a picture of my sister’s hand, which was holding a rose. This beautiful, pulsing, throbbing, bloody, thorny, sad, fertile rose reminded me of a vulva. Some ancient, primal, feminine impulse fired at me. It told me to give more attention to this flower. I didn’t explain it to myself. I just started painting and gradually deciphering this phenomenon. – Lisette Lepik

Using the motif of the flower the exhibition presents an ongoing series of oil paintings by Lisette reflecting on the experience of the menstrual cycle; menstrual pains and the agonizing process of trying different birth-control methods and choosing one in the end. The exhibition space is transformed into a womb holding a series of paintings within its walls. Through expressive use of colour and gestural mark each painting speaks to totally different experiences within the monthly cycle.
Uus Rada is a community art space run in the former Raja Gallery Space in Tallinn, Estonia (Instagram @uusrada)
Curatorial assistance for the exhibition from Sophie Durand.
Photography: Elo Vahtrik