Photo reportage from the exhibition by Eglė Ruibytė at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg

Somewhat orderly, somewhat arranged, air cushions (called “void fillers”, usually used for shipping, just handmade this time) take up a big part of a room. They rest, cover, mimic and reach for each other or something to protect that is gone or not there yet. One could question the fullness of the space, since these are just void fillers, taking up the empty space with their repetitive forms, quiet inscriptions and overlapping transparent colors. On a closer look, the protecting cushions turn out to have some sort of contamination inside. The dust has probably just fallen inside during the process and the humidity got locked inside by accident. It is unclear, whether it is old skin cells or some lost pixels of an image. The story of an unpacked or yet to be packed piece and its parts expands to unknown spoiled paths of speculation. Carefully screen printed, sealed and inflated with breath, the simulated readymades lose track of the body they ought to protect and form a sort of a limbo where things are flawed, defunct and ephemeral.

Eglė Ruibytė
Yawning void
12-14 February, 2021
Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg

Photography: Jaewon Kim

The project is part of the HFBK Hamburg Annual Exhibition, taking place on February 12-14, mostly online (due to Covid-19).