Photo reportage from Rudolfs Stamers' exhibition 'Metamorphoses' at the New Garden Gallery, Paris

December 9, 2022
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Ruptures always come uninvited, that’s in their nature. This is the story of a rupture of  my youth, the end of the era feels closer than ever as the nostalgia comes in the scene.  Fading fulfillment of carefree nights crossing paths with memories of wild times, the call  of desire and falling love over and over again. The inner conflict to make up my mind in  abundance of chances.
Unwillingly, yet something stops me, the self-awareness blends with self-discrepancy.  Longing to live in peace, yet giving in to chaos is so much more tempting.  Let’s just say maturity came unexpectedly, but I am still in between.

Artist: Rudolfs Stamers
Exhibition title: Metamorphoses
Venue: The New Garden Gallery, 13 Rue Méhul, 93500 Pantin (Paris)
Date: November 10 – January 6, 2023
Photography: all images copyright and courtesy of the artist