Photo reportage from the group show 'Dokking Station' at the Vent Space

November 18, 2021
Author Echo Gone Wrong

DOKKING Station functions as a hub for the exchange of ideas and inputs from a variety of sources; it is a conduit for transference. Taking inspiration from how a docking station [dokkimisjaam] acts as an all in one technological solution; this exhibition explores how an intermediary consisting of a series of antiquated ports that allow for multiple forms of communication and information relay, can be understood as a rhizome. As the docking station is permanently in an in-between state, it becomes rhizomatic in nature, with its cables acting like roots.

DOKKING Station exhibition at VENT Space aims to demonstrate the potential of a creative and physical manifestation of a docking station, bringing together a variety of ideas and inputs which reflect the metaphorical use of docking station as a mode of critique for the contemporary art gallery, with a focus on the sensitive relationships between our surroundings, natural environment and new materialism.

DOKKING Station is an open space for collaboration and co-learning, it invites people to both plug-in and unplug, whether to receive information and learning or contribute to the creative transference themselves. It acts as a keystone, as without it, inputs on either side fail to communicate entirely. At DOKKING station, you are invited to choose your port and plug into either side — as artist and/or audience through joining free workshops and talks. Welcome.

Title: Dokking Station
Participating artists: Will Britten (UK), Katarina Kruus (EST), Liina Leo (EST), Eugenio Marini (IT), Kristian Stapleton (UK), Ingrid Helena Pajo (EST)
Venue: Vent Space, Tallinn
Date: 21.10.–01.11.2021
Supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia
Photography: Liina Leo