Photo reportage from the Congregation of Chaos group exhibition 'Retrospective' at Kogo gallery

June 12, 2019
Author Echo Gone Wrong

“Retrospective” is a collaborative exhibition by witnesses to the permanently transient immeasurable manifestation of the omnieternally disappearing and emerging chaos. As a spontaneously flowing spatial installation, the exhibition aims to look back upon the perpetual conflict between humanity and the universe, which has been tormenting men from the moment the first human hand reached for a stone axe. Imitating the ambitious, alas hopeless fight of humanity against unrelenting Chaos, the Congregation of Chaos investigates essential primal matters on experiencing the human condition and seeks reconciliation with an endlessly unfathomable universe.

You believe that Earth is a huge sphere of rock and that tomorrow rises from the east. But you can never be quite sure and that is a bit frightening. Isn’t it? But what if you had something that could liberate you from these menacing shackles of unknowing. Conquering fear of ignorance means to conquer fear of the inconstant. Opening the stony heart to the quarryman is to find a chunk of gold in a calcified core. The Congregation of Chaos faces the unknown, extends a hand to the universe and admits that Chaos is the will of the universe. Chaos is inconstant, everlasting freedom. The universe does not crack and Chaos does not retreat. The improvisational “Retrospective” of the Congregation of Chaos is born from veneration of the will of the universe. In a society, where a great flux of energy is focused on wood, where the wood-titled throne before the representatives of the realm of stone, it is ultimate time to strike back, a repeal cut into stone.

Stepping outside the harrowing boundaries of knowledge and shunning expectations for success – we are free. Actualizing boundless self-potential, without self-imitation or endeavour for a static (artist-)image, we deconstruct the meaning of our creative output as well as our own selves. Congregation of Chaos’s “Retrospective” is a deconstructive process, which refrains from concentrating on authors, works or references and meanings be- tween, but instead creates a spontaneously changing common space filled with the pure flow of boundless creation. Missing are the borders between a concrete work, a medium, and an author. The spatial installation evolves and devolves spontaneously, transmuting form and meaning. The void behind the witchstone flashes just for a glimpse and dissolves again into rubble. Members of the Congregation of Chaos realize the intrinsic human right to err and to improvise and thereby reconcile the humankind and the universe. Rock On!

Participating artists:

Martiini, Marja-Liisa Plats, Helle Ly Tomberg, Paul Lepasson, Uku Pira, Martin Rästa, Siim Lill, Kersten Kõrge, Salme Kulmar, Gabriela Liivamägi

Exhibition is supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia

Congregation of Chaos group exhibition “Retrospective”

Kastani 42, 50410 Tartu
Opening times:
Wed-Fri, 12–19, Sat, 12–18 (and by appointment)

Photography: Congregation of Chaos