Photo and video reportage from Žilvinas Kempinas's "Fountains" exhibition at Reykjavik Art Museum

Fountains by Lithuanian artist Žilvinas Kempinas is a large site-specific installation currently on view at Reykjavik Art Museum. It is a landscape of sort with pools of magnetic tape waves that are driven by heavy-duty industrial fans.

Žilvinas Kempinas (b. 1969, Lithuania) has been using magnetic tapes from VHS cassettes to create works that apparently deny the original functions of the medium, but his works continue to stir up various levels of nostalgias in cultures that are familiar with the tape format, toward a replaced technology. Sleek and shiny, the black tape with a width of 12.7 mm, which used to wind between two spools in plastic case, has been removed from its casing to become an object to be experienced in a physical space.

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