'Palette' by Daria Melnikova at the Karlin Studios, Prague

February 26, 2020
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Daria Melnikova’s Palette is an ongoing long-term project which was shaped from daily observations, references, personal inspirations, experiences and passions as well as rhetorical questions raised regarding artist life’s struggles. Palette is a platform for collaborations that priority is to focus on a process, exchange of experiences and ideas, making an outcome less unpredicatable and staged. It is an eclectical venue for events of various art genres that hosts artworks, performances, talks, meetings, concerts etc.. Palette is a migrating bar which serves thematic drinks, matching events’ program. Most of ingredients are home-made, natural and carefully mixed for a new, less tamed tastes. Palette is Melnikova’s statement for defending an artwork from being exhibited only once, giving it a chance to see the world and be seen.

During its first episode at Karlin Studios in Prague, Palette was happy to host works by Masha Kovtun and Sofia Tobiasova, performances by Kaspars Groševs and Martin Kohout.

Palette is currently working on a new episode in the new location.

Photos: Tomáš Souček, Aleksandra Vajd