OPEN CALL for the Renewable Futures Conference of the RIXC Art Science Festival: SPLINTERED REALITIES

July 26, 2022
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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CALL for Conference Proposals is OPEN!
Deadline for submissions – August 15, 2022
APPLY NOW! Please send your submissions (short abstract and bio) via openconf system online:


The 5th RENEWABLE FUTURES Conference (Hybrid / Virtual)
in the framework of RIXC Art Science Festival 2022
October 6 – 8, 2022
Riga, Latvia / virtually from Liepaja, Karlsruhe, Oslo

“An ecology of the virtual is .. just as pressing as ecologies of the visible world” – Felix Guattari

RIXC in Riga is preparing the next edition of its annual Art and Science festival, which under the title SPLINTERED REALITIES will take place in Riga and virtually, including the exhibition opening program (August 25, 2022) followed by artist talks, guided tours, workshops and performances (August 25 – October 16, 2022), and the final international conference event (October 6–8,  2022).

The SPLINTERED REALITIES Conference of RIXC Festival, is the 5th edition of the Renewable Futures conference series. The Conference will take place from October 6 – 8, 2022, as a hybrid event; rhe on-site part will take place at the RIXC gallery in Riga, hosting keynote speakers, panel curators, co-chairs and moderators, while most of the participants (selected through an open call) will be joining online, including in hybridity format sessions co-hosted by RIXC partners – NAIA in Karlsruhe, MPLab in Liepaja and FeLT in Oslo.

Related to the following topics:

01-1 Deep Europe, Entangled Histories and Cultivated Futures,
01-2 New Ecosophies and Extended Realities
02-1 NatureCultures, Eco-feminism and Socio-Ecological Justice,
02-2 More-than-Human and Naturally/Artificial IntIntelligences
03-1 Techno-Ecological Sensoriums, AI and Biological Systems,
03-2 Technologies of Care, Terrestrial Co-existence, and Beyond Green