'Neural (r)Evolution' with Marinos Koutsomichalis at Project Space 'Sodų 4'

2016 09 27 at Project space 'Sodų 4'
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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neural-revolution-lithuania27 September 2016 11 am – 6 pm
Public presentation 6 pm
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o-o@o-o.lt  by 26 September 2016

Neural (r)Evolution is a site-dependent artwork based on DIWO (Do It With Others) practices, digital technology, computing and collective material exploration. Neural (r)Evolution revolves around an intensive production workshop, where participants explore a diverse range of technologies media, materials and methodologies as well as various ANN (Artificial Neural Network) topologies to eventually produce a (possibly interactive) ANN distributed in physical space and generating audiovisual signals through a series of speakers and LEDs. In this way, Neural (r)Evolution aspires to constitute an actualised ‘culture’—in that it will exemplify socially constructed cognitive patterns as well as their material artefacts—as well as a (r)evolution—in that it will revolve around the technologically-mediated evolution of well-known materials and practices.

Participants of all backgrounds with or without experience in electronics, media-art, sound synthesis, physical computing, collective/collaborative practices and programming are invited to be part in Neural (r)Evolution. Participants are advised to contribute own content—that is, objects, ideas, materials and expertise of any kind; this content may constitute an initial collective repository of material and abstract means upon which the eventual installation will be based.

So bring with you any micro-controllers, single-board computers, sensors, dysfunctional electronic devices and ideas you may have lying around along with your desire for collective work and socially empowered creation!

Marinos Koutsomichalis is an artist, scholar and creative technologist. He was born in Athens, GR (1981) and has since lived and worked in various cities around the world. His interests involve hypermediacy, technological mediation, material exploration, post-humanism, distributed cognition, and computational æsthetics. He has collaborated with various institutions and project spaces worldwide and he has presented his work internationally in all sorts of milieus: from leading museums and acclaimed biennales to industrial sites, and from underground venues to churches and scientific conferences. He has worked as a research fellow in the University of Turin and has lectured at the University of Wolverhampton (VL), the Technological Educational Institute of Crete and the Athenian Contemporary Music Research Center (CMRC-KSYME). He has being responsible for numerous publications in international scientific journals and conferences, for numerous workshops/talks worldwide and for writing the Mapping and Visualization with SuperCollider book. He is the main software developer of the So.D.A. (Sound Design Accelerator) project. He has a PhD in Electronic Music and New Media from (De Montfort University, GB) and a MA in Composition with Digital Media (University of York, GB).

The aim of this laboratory series is not only to expand the already existing DIY field in contemporary art practices in Lithuania, but also to create a platform for interdisciplinary artists as well as everyone else interested to actively exchange their knowledge by sharing it and teaching each other. Exchange laboratories are designed to allow to test the limits of existence of a human being whether in natural or man-made environment. Different sets of skills are demonstrated during each of the events as well as different pieces of knowledge shared, all important to our existence in the past, present or future.

This event is organized by Institutio Media in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists’ Association and is kindly supported by Lithuanian Council For Culture as well as the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania.


Project Space “Sodų 4”
Sodų Str. 4, Vilnius