Narva Art Residency hosts a joint exhibition of Viennese and Estonian art academies called 'Where is the body?'

2022 05 07 — 2022 06 08
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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Group exhibition “Where is the body?” opened last Friday at the Narva Art Residency, and it will stay open for one month. The exhibition focuses on the theme of the body in its broadest sense, its representational and socio-political meanings and possibilities. The exhibition is the result of a collaboration between the Estonian Academy of Arts and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and was exhibited in the Austrian capital this spring. The works of sixteen painting students reflect on issues of belonging, visibility and desire.

The opening of the exhibition took place on May 6th, and it was also possible to get there from Tallinn by an especially organised bus ride. The opening of the exhibition coincided with Tallinn-Narva Music Week, and many festival-goers already attended it on the opening weekend.

Narva Art Residency director Johanna Rannula said “It is a pleasure to see such a high-level international exhibition in Narva, which represents young artists’ vision of the human body. Some of the works may surprise the local audience, as no body part is taboo for artists anymore. But we are ready to have discussions and to show that art can help us overcome outdated fears and taboos.”

Artists: Eero Alev, Ina Ebenberger, Daniel Silva Flandez, Yigit Gönlügür, Loora Kaubi, Jakob Kolb, Olev Kuma, Lisette Lepik, Sigrid Mau, Amar Priganica, Brenda Purtsak, Ramsko, Alfred Rottensteiner, Denisa Stefanigova, Magdalena Schwaiger, Mattias Veller.
Curators: Lilian Hiob and Julius Pristauz.

The exhibition is open 7.05 – 8.06, Wed – Fri 15-19, Sat – Sun 13-19. Admission 1€.

Guided tours in Russian will take place on three Sundays – 15 and 22 May and 5 June at 14.00. On the last day of the exhibition, 8th of May, there will be an open discussion held by the painting department of the Estonian Academy of Arts.

Project partners and thanks: Embassy of Austria in Tallinn, Embassy of Estonia in Vienna, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Erasmus+, Punch Drink, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vilnius Academy of Arts, Estonian Academy of Arts.