Moving image program 'Flânerie' at InTheCloset

2024 06 07
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Date: June 7 from 18:00 to 23:00
Moving image program “Flânerie”
Curated by Vsevolod Kovalevskij and Sun Park
Duration 55 min.

Pelesos str. 10, Vilnius 02111, Lithuania

In 2023, South Korea abandoned its traditional “Korean Age” system, adopting the international method, making Koreans one or two years younger overnight. This shift necessitated renewed explanations of the dual age system, where Korean infants are considered one at birth, and everyone collectively ages on January 1st.

This dual-age phenomenon challenges the traditional perception of age as a fixed indicator of one’s qualities. This moment of collective and instant shift in age prompts reflection on its wider implications in a society rife with ageism, reevaluating other forms of judgment and discrimination.

Our film screening, titled “Flânerie,” explores themes of measurement across gender, identity, politics, intimacy, and environment through moving image works by South Korean artists. Some films creatively subvert conventional metrics, while others reframe measurement “errors” as opportunities for exploration. Together, they reveal the limitations of measurement in understanding human complexities.

“Flânerie” aims to cultivate a space of aimlessness where attendees engage with films freely, devoid of preconceptions and expectations. We encourage immersion, allowing each film to be experienced individually, without predetermined metrics.

Participating Artists:
Jeon Kyuri, Jooyoen Lee, Minjung Kim, Syeyoung Park

In the illustration: an excerpt from the film “100ft” by Minjung Kim