March exhibitions at Meno Parkas Gallery

2021 03 03 — 2021 03 28 at Gallery 'Meno Parkas'
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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Remis Ščerbauskas. Territory Kaunas / Street Photography

Each city of the world has it’s own face and it could be difficult to describe it in words, because it is of more than just architecture and dwellers, it consists of action, emotion, state. If you close your eyes and imagine the face of the Kaunas, how would it look like? Before your eyes might start playing rhythm and geometry of Modernistic architecture, old paving tile pattern in Laisvės avenue, green spaces near confluence or Musical Theater, showcases of the shops, arch-shaped passages, stairs, station, factories, Nemunas, it all intervened with unfamiliar faces, motion of the city, someone going, sitting, watching, smoking, talking, working, dreaming, playing, smiling.. even – scratching one’s nose. Life in full bloom!

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Curator Neringa Stoškutė

Exhibition is part of gallery’s project “Ether. 2021”. Project is partly financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Židrija Janušaitė. All Meaningful Sounds Turned into Silence

G o o d b y e s ?
What are they like?
What happens?
How does this relate to the silence, which opens ourselves to us?
S o u n d s  t u r n e d  i n t o  s i l e n c e ?
What’s the difference between silence before saying goodbye and the silence which wraps goodbyes?
Saying goodbye to what was and still is dear to me?
How does that silence or silences spread in space? What happens when all the sounds transforms into silence? What happens during such a transformation?
A play of sounds of colors, tones and shapes?
Their transformation in time and space?
Is it possible to immerse oneself in such changing states when not only images but also sounds merge into one and turns into silence?
A silence that opens everyone to themselves?
Through a piece, through a space in silence, do we hear ourselves?
Transformation takes place on a borderline? – Sounds turn into silence?
And something that exists and changes between nature and painting, becomes an important mediator – a borderline?
Am I this borderline?

– Židrija Janušaitė

Exhibition financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Artists’ Association.


The paintings featured in the exhibition are based on personal experience, when he served as a soldier in Mali, in 2019.

“In contrast to my earlier paintings with which I tried to realistically depict the daily lives of deployed soldiers, this exhibition is mostly focused on the exotic side of Africa, although it doesn’t depict Africa as a touristic paradise. I’ve also distanced myself from my earlier semi-realistic approach and I’ve painted all the paintings using palette knives, which gives them a somehow “magical” atmosphere.

One of the questions raised by this exhibition is: do we, Europeans, have to intervene in such foreign conflicts that has been going on for quite a while, now, and also try to bring some kind of aid to the local populations, or is it better that we just step aside and leave these matters in the Africans’ own hands? The complicated situation makes it, alas, difficult to find a definitive answer.

Until an answer is found, this war keeps going on, unfortunately.” (Karl-Erik Talvet)

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Exhibition is part of gallery’s project “Art Line”. Project is partly financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Kaunas City Municipality.