Lukas Danys and Daiva Tubutytė in the group exhibition 'Unfinished Tales' at Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin

May 10, 2018
Author Echo Gone Wrong



opening 17 May @ 7pm Kreuzberg Pavillon & 10pm Oranienplatz
on view 18 May @ 4-8pm Kreuzberg Pavillon

exhibition with Ulrike Buck, Lukas Danys, Toke Flyvholm, Martin Maeller, Markus von Platen, Nomadic Flames, Daiva Tubutytė

Ghosts of the present perfect haunt the seas, where the immortal jellyfish and the bleaching corals foster an uncanny kinship. Retroactive creatures find their solace in the time-unconsciousness, on a slow journey to defy the linear temporality and survive the mortal path. Counting on the right moment to return to the present, the cycles open up another cycles in change of the skin, using and consuming the intangible remnants; what is still embedded in their body memory?

What an immortal jellyfish and a coral would talk about?

Unfinished Tales is the second half of the two-part-exhibition-venture at semi-public spaces, set in Copenhagen (May 4, Paranormal) and Berlin (May 17). The exhibitions lean on time to be embodied, on the experiential to be spatialized, a space to be untold. It unravels slowly in the context of a year-long event cycle Embodied Space conducted by Kabinetas. Now operating from Berlin, this nomadic project space implements experimental collaborations to enter the realms of spatiality, collectivity, performativity, ambiguity. Usually acting in the footnotes and staying off the beaten paths with some risky deception in mind, Kabinetas now acts as a space in space gladly without one to call its own.

Exhibitions are organized by curator Vaida Stepanovaitė (Kabinetas) & artist Lukas Danys

Partly supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture


Naunynstrasse 53
10999 Berlin

Subway U1, U8 Kottbusser Tor / Bus M29 Oranienplatz

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