Kai Residency for Ukrainian Artists

April 5, 2023
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Calls from Estonia

Kai Art Center is happy to announce its upcoming participation in the LOORE residency project for Ukrainian Artists.

Kai Residency is research-based and as such, the focus for residents is on engaging with Tallinn’s art community as well as undertaking individual research strands rather than on production. Ukrainian curators, writers, critics, and visual artists are welcome to apply to the Kai Residency program as part of 8 different residency opportunities within the LOORE project.

Formed in 2022, LOORE (The Estonian Creative Residencies Network) was created in response to the expressed need for better representation and collaboration between artist residencies in Estonia, with the goal of supporting the mobility of creative people and representing the interests of creative residencies, increasing their capacity, influence, and value. It also promotes the sharing of artistic resources and collaboration opportunities across its members.

LOORE represents 14 different organizations in Estonia. Thanks to funding from the Nordic Culture Point, LOORE can provide support to Ukrainian artists. In 2023–2024, members of the LOORE network will host artists through a funded residency program, giving artists a safe space to continue their creative practices and connecting them with a supportive artistic community across Estonia. Artists, curators, and critics will get free accommodation, travel allowance, per diem expenses, and a materials fee.

Deadline for Applications: April 14, 2023

More details about the Kai Residency and each participating organization as well as the application procedure can be found here.

Application form is available here.