International group exhibition at the Kompresorinė, new gallery space of Ideas Block

2023 02 09 — 2023 03 04
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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This exhibition is dedicated to the re-opening of the independent creative space Ideas Block.

Ideas Block has always been a space widely open to various ideas. Founded in 2017 it used to be a neighbourhood place in the Station /Stoties district in Vilnius where different languages, media, and initiatives met. Now the Ideas Block exhibition space has found a new home in the former high-ceiling compressor room of the Institute of Physics. It’s time to explore the creative powers of this particular space at this particular time.

The exhibition at the renewed Ideas Block venue calls for the unlocking of this new space in its new shape. At this specific time, it transformed from an abandoned former technical room of the scientific institution to a vibrant creative place. The keywords for this exhibition are “space” and “time” or as it is known in physics – “spacetime”, which is the foundation of all the theories.

Spacetime: three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. The space as it is now; is it as it is now, just at this specific time? The artworks too – happen at a specific time in a specific space. And some of them are particularly exploring, researching or showcasing this aspect of here and now. What is this moment in this particular place? Why is it important and noticed? How is it perceived? And how is it all related? The space as it is now, becomes even more relevant since the building itself where Ideas Block is currently located might be destroyed in a few years, due to the conversion of the area into governmental offices.

The aim is to build a show around these questions together with the artists who have a special relationship with Ideas Block. Participants come both from Lithuania and abroad and have held their shows at the former place of Ideas block since 2017. In this sense, they create the connection between those two physical spaces. Artists are exploring the theme through different mediums and materials. Paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, sound and video installations as well as performances are presented at Kompresorinė. Some works are created especially for the exhibition at this space or have connections with the previous space of Ideas Block.


Participating artists:

Roberto Becerra [MX/LT]

Hasan Alp Çelikel [TR/LT]

David Cuadra [NIC/LT]

Liucija Dervinytė [LT]

Monika Dombrauskytė [LT]

Rita Isaac [PT/UK]

Lena Klyukina [LT]

Birutė Lemke [LT]

Rūta Matulevičiūtė [LT]

Guido Nosari [IT]

Vygintas Orlovas [LT]

Ieva Pečiulytė [LT]

Shit&Shame [LT]

Paul Takahashi [FR/LT]

Rūta Žinienė [LT]

Susana Wessling [PT/LT]


Opening: 9th of February, 7 pm
Goštauto St. 11, Vilnius

During the exhibition opening performative drawing by Paul Takahashi will take place.
For the closing of the exhibition, 4th of March, 7 pm – an audiovisual performance by Vygintas Orlovas.

Kompresorinė, Ideas Block 
A. Goštauto g. 11, 01108 Vilnius

Visiting times:
Tuesday to Friday 9.00 – 17.00
Saturday 11.00 – 17.00
During the evening events
Exhibition dates: 2023 9th of February – 2023 4th of March.

Curator: Birutė Lemke
Sponsor of the exhibition: Les Couleurs Charity
Graphic design: Gabrielius Klemas