Group exhibition 'Sardines' curated by Kaspars Groševs at Garage gallery, Prague

February 20, 2023
Author Echo Gone Wrong
We cordially invite you to the opening of our new show Sardines on March 1st!
1.3. – 20.4. 2023 open every Wednesday and Thursday from 2-6pm.
Artists: Atis Izands, Jake Kent, Anna Malicka, Dzelde Mierkalne, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Sofie Tobiášová, Amanda Ziemele
Curated by: Kaspars Groshevs
“Their shadows are long and scrawly, they breathe the vape fumes of the city while observing its streams of earnest experiences even if spent on the giddiness of life itself. Brewing as a foamy beer the sight reveals the timelines of surfaces as they echo through this very moment while entangling imprints of materials’ memory – for some the time is limitless, for others it’s crawling on you as we speak. As I try to remember at least a few love songs, all I think of is the color ‘orange’. My professor in Riga has an orange hard drive, orange coffee maker, orange speakers, and god knows what else orange. You can still bump into him on the uneven streets of Riga (or anywhere really – as he occasionally appears to see familiar faces around the world), definitely around 8:00 AM, going to or from his duties as an art worker. It’s hard to pin down what it implies, maybe movement (not just spatial). Sometimes the movement resonates – leaving perfect circles just like fish.”