Graduation Show. Vilnius Academy of Arts

2024 06 03 — 2024 06 14
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

After a successful start last year, Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) is once again taking on the biggest challenge of the year and is preparing to open its second Graduation Show. From 3 to 14 June, all bachelor’s and master’s thesis projects defended at the VAA in 2024 will be presented to the public, representing different fields of study. Spread across more than 40 locations in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Telšiai, the exhibitions will provide an opportunity to get to know the next generation of young artists, designers, jewellers, metal art masters, sculptors, restorers, architects, stage designers and art historians, and to experience the latest trends in contemporary art and design. The Graduation Show offers an opportunity to explore the thoughts and experiences of young artists today, while also providing insight into Vilnius Academy of Arts and its study programmes, discovering new spaces, means of expression, forms and possibilities. During the two-week show, visitors will be able to see more than 300 creative bachelor and master thesis projects.

During this event, the VAA opens wide the doors of its galleries, auditoriums, laboratories, even its basement. In collaboration with the Lithuanian Artists’ Association, museums, libraries, other galleries and spaces, it spreads its magic throughout the city. In Vilnius, the main exhibitions will be concentrated in three VAA buildings: Maironio St. 6, Malūnų St. 5 and Maironio St. 3. Other spaces will also be open to visitors: VAA galleries (Artifex, Akademija, 5 Malūnai, Kreatoriumas, A. and A. Tamošaitis Gallery Židinys, VAA Outdoor Expo), LAA galleries (Arka, Pamėnkalnio Gallery, Gallery of the Artists’ Association, Medūza), Atletika and Vartai galleries, the Martynas Mažvydas Library and other spaces.

In Kaunas, all exhibitions will be presented at the VAA Kaunas Faculty (Muitinės St. 2). In Telšiai – at the VAA Telšiai Gallery (Kęstučio St. 3-2) and VAA Telšiai Faculty (Muziejaus St. 29), and in Klaipėda – at the Culture and Culture Communication Center (Bažnyčių St. 4). Here, the exhibition will be open from 7 June to 7 July.

All exhibitions are open to the public every day from Monday to Sunday from 2 PM to 7 PM* and until 11 PM during the Culture Night (7 June). The students themselves – the authors of the projects – will be present at the exhibitions.

The show will also be accompanied by guided tours, opening and closing parties, discussions and cinema.

The mission of the VAA extends beyond educating young artists; it also aims to enlighten viewers of visual art. This event serves as an excellent platform to achieve both objectives simultaneously.

The VAA community sincerely believes that the VAA Graduation Show will become a tradition, aiming to join the ranks of other European academies of arts and crafts that organise such shows every year.

“The Graduation Show marks the conclusion of their academic journey, culminating in the receipt of a professional artist diploma and an opportunity to present their creative works to the public. At the same time, it is the moment of the beginning of an independent career as an artist. As we bid farewell to this year’s graduates, we aim to provide them with a platform to showcase their talents to the public in a memorable and impactful manner”, says Prof. Ieva Skauronė, Rector of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

The Graduation Show exhibitions are free in all cities.