Gailė Griciūtė and Barbora Matonytė's work is presented at the interdisciplinary event at Aveiro Arts House in Portugal

June 20, 2024
Author Echo Gone Wrong

Artists Gailė Griciūtė and Barbora Matonytė, members of the Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists Association (LIAA), will present their work at the international event 180 Creative Lab, between 19-22 June 2024. The event will take place at VIC // Aveiro Arts House in Aveiro city – which is this year’s Portuguese Capital of Culture.

180 Creative Lab is a regular event initiated by the popular cultural organisation Canal 180 in Portugal. Its mission is to present unexpected creative discoveries and exceptional practices of interdisciplinary talents, contributing to the development of the international creative community. It invites professional creatives from different countries for a week of experimentation and collaboration.

The theme of this year’s 180 Creative Lab is the exploration of the home as a creative laboratory through artistic practices (sound, audiovisual arts), as well as a reflection on the influence of the home on collective consciousness. The venue of the event – VIC // Aveiro Arts House – is special because of its connection with the past. It is the museum-house of the writer, filmmaker, ceramicist and pharmacist Vasco Branco, a significant space in the city which houses a cinema and a recording studio. During the dictatorship, this house was an important refuge for intellectuals and defenders of democratic ideals in Aveiro. Today, the house is a stage for the work and explorations of artists from different disciplines.

On the initiative of the event’s curator Joaquín Mora, this year’s event will feature two artists from Lithuania, aiming to address the lack of knowledge about the Lithuanian art field among Portuguese audiences. Gailė Griciūtė and Barbora Matonytė, both active in the field of sound art, will join the programme along with five other participants.

Gailė Griciūtė will present a sound installation in which the resonances of the spaces of Aveiro Arts House will be transformed into a chorus of the usually unnoticeable echoes of the house. She will also present a vinyl of her latest work Dark Elastic Fluid, where listeners will be able to hear the piece, learn the details of its creation, and explore the idea of sonic fluidity from different perspectives.

Griciūtė explores sound art as a practice of otherness. She is examining the hearing process (physically, philosophically, psychologically and culturally) and zooming into the problematics of perception. Griciūtė is exploring the fluidity of sound, its ability to always transform, adapt, change, to be in relation with the environment. She is interested in the way of being that connects and is in constant change, adapting and reflecting as an alternative to clear definition and separation. The fluid way of being as otherness, a different way of relation.

Barbora Matonytė, a new-generation artist based in Vilnius, Lithuania, distinguishes herself in the interdisciplinary field through two basic areas: visual art installation discourses and sound art, as well as the possibilities of combining them. A human voice is a fundamental component in Matonytė’s sound profile works, exploring a variety of vocal phenomena, such as old audio recordings, artificially generated voices and stylized expressions often found in subgenres of metal music.

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The presentation of Gailė Griciūtė and Barbora Matonytė’s work at the 180 Creative Lab event is part of the ongoing collaboration between LIAA, cultural centre SODAS 2123  and Canal 180. The activities of LIAA are funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Vilnius City Municipality.