Exhibition 'The Parametric Storage' at the Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre

2023 09 22 — 2023 10 22 at Klaipėda Culture Communication Center
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

Moisture slowly seeps into the dense wood body from the warm, innately filthy clay. It soaks into hands and socks, hair, carpets and abandoned paper. Strengthening each other, the wood and the clay expand and then recede from each other again; until, finally and irreversibly, they bind their features together in the strongest of webs. It is a storage for moments that will never dry up in the waters of time.

On 22 September, the group exhibition The Parametric Storage opens at the Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (Didžioji Vandens Str. 2, Klaipėda).

The surviving part of a fachwerk house testifies to the former purpose of the building: it was once used to store grain, and later, knitwear. The space, initially designed for storage and having served as a warehouse for decades, has not lost its original purpose.

The exhibition features diverse works by artists engaged in different disciplines: the display combines objects of textile, sculpture, ceramics, carving, and design. The artists draw inspiration from industrial and functional spaces, their specific characteristics, and archaic technologies, materials and processing methods.

Milda Dainovskytė is a curator and artist. She usually realises her projects in architecturally or geographically distinctive spaces, and has implemented several curatorial projects in the regional parts of Lithuania. Her personal works are based on historical archives, focusing on the local context, specific territories, and smells.

Artists featured in the exhibition:

allsofeatherlightseven, Dovydas Laurynaitis, Eglė Ruibytė, Gediminas G. Akstinas, Jeronimas Mantvydas Seibutis, Morta Jonynaitė, Mykolas Sauka, Rokas Janušonis, Vilius Dringelis

The initiator and manager of the “Contemporary Graphic Spaces” project is Agnietė Skirmantienė

Curator: Milda Dainovskytė
Graphic design: Igor Sigal
Copy editing and English translation: Alexandra Bondarev

Organiser: Klaipėda Culture Communication Centre (KCCC)
The exhibition will run until 22 October.

Opening hours of the KCCC Exhibition Hall (Didžioji Vandens Str. 2, Klaipėda):
III–VII 11am–7pm (closed on public holidays).

Photography and filming will take place during the opening of exhibition. Please note that participants may be featured in photographs and videos of the event published in various media outlets.