Exhibition 'Spaces of Graphics. Graphics in Space' at the Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s Kairė-dešinė gallery

2022 12 08 — 2023 01 21
Author Echo Gone Wrong
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On December 8, 2022 – January 21, 2023, an exhibition of Polish graphic art titled Spaces of Graphics. Graphics in Space will be on display at Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s Kairė-dešinė gallery. The opening will be held on Thursday, December 8, at 6pm.

This exhibition marks the long-term collaboration between Vilnius Graphic Art Centre and the cultural institutions and artists of the city of Łódź, which began in 2014. In 2021, the

partnership was joined by Łódź Municipal Art Gallery and the Strzemiński Academy of Art

– two exhibitions of Lithuanian graphic art were presented in these institutions.

The exhibition Spaces of Graphics. Graphics in Space, put together by Łódź Municipal Art Gallery, offers a closer insight into the graphic art of the neighbouring county, which has longstanding traditions, and presents works by currently active Polish artists. The idea of the exhibition is to present the various contexts that graphic art enters today. In many works it is not only the subject of independent presentations, but also a part of complex statements, taking a place next to painting, sculpture or installation. Thus, it goes from two dimensions to space. By entering into relationships with digital printing, traditional graphic techniques also take part in creating virtual space. It is a phenomenon so extensive that it is characterised by a constant and infinite variety. Even a traditionally treated graphic medium, transferred to other artistic areas, gives various interdisciplinary activities a spectacular, original character. Therefore, the effects of the work of graphic designers are constantly surprising. The exhibition will also be a voice in the discussion on the place of the graphic matrix, which today is not only an intermediary between the artistic intention and the work, but also an independent artistic entity.

Cutators: Małgorzata Dzięgielewska, Dariusz Leśnikowski

Participants: Teodor Durski, Oskar Gorzkiewicz, Alicja Habisiak-Matczak, Dariusz Kaca, Marzena Łukaszuk, Tamara Sass, Katarzyna Zimna

Organisers: Miejska Galeria Sztuki w Łodzi, Vilniaus grafikos meno centras

Partners: Polish Institute in Vilnius, Lithuanian Artists’ Association, Łódź kreuje, amcor

Media partners: artinfo.pl, kalejdoskop, TVP3 Łódź, Niezła Sztuka, RET-SAT 1, ZAK, Radio Złote Przeboje, plasterlodzki.pl

 Contact us: +370 5 261 1995, graphic.lt
 Opening hours: II–V 11–18 val., VI 11–15 val.