Exhibition 'Soft Solids' by Ieva Baranauskaitė and Rūta Palionytė at VARTAI SHOWROOM

2024 02 15 — 2024 03 08
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

On Thursday, February 15 at 6 pm, the exhibition Soft Solids by Ieva Baranauskaitė and Rūta Palionytė will open at VARTAI SHOWROOM (Vilniaus g. 39, Vilnius).

In the Soft Solids exhibition, Rūta Palionytė and Ieva Baranauskaitė present their latest research on the intentional use and repurposing of natural materials and reflect on the potential for regeneration in design. The authors emphasise the potential within the design process, combining various manufacturing methods such as handcraft, digital 3D modelling and upcycling. They will explore the possibilities of using natural wax and the incorporation of components and elements of non-functional luminaires that were mainly produced in the 20th century. The fusion of new elements crafted from plant-based wax with existing ones, including metal and glass components, weaves a nostalgic narrative that is anchored in the present yet points to the future. This approach pays tribute to creative individuality by reviving old objects with fresh energy, encouraging the viewer to recognise their original design while appreciating their altered state.

The Soft Solids explore the balance of resilience and fragility, functionality and sustainable adaptability within the object. By choosing the revitalization method, the two creatives raise questions about the potential impact of adopting a soft solid strategy on contemporary design and consumer behaviour.

Rūta Palionytė (b. 1983, Lithuania) is a Copenhagen-based light installation artist and lighting designer with a Master’s degree from Edinburgh (Scotland). For her, the phenomenon of light and its influence on visual perception, architecture, design objects or natural landscapes is one of the most important creative sources. Palionytė also collaborates with artists from various fields and has realised many international projects.

Ieva Baranauskaitė (b. 1989, Lithuania) is an architect with a Master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen and a BA degree from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. She has gained her professional experience in renowned architectural offices in Japan (Kengo Kuma and Associates), Denmark (KHR Architecture) and Lithuania (Arches). Currently, Baranauskaitė is developing her own practice and working on various architecture and design projects in Lithuania and Scandinavian countries.

Exhibition supported by: Lithuanian Culture Council

Gallery’s patrons: Renata ir Rolandas Valiūnai

Gallery supported by: Vilnius City Municipalty, Lietuvos Rytas, Vilma Dagilienė, Romas Kinka, Ekskomisarų biuras, MailerLite, Plieno Spektras

Graphic design: Taktika Studio