Exhibition 'SELF – PORTRAITS' by Marijus Jacovskis at the TSEKH Art Gallery

2024 04 26 — 2024 06 01
Author Echo Gone Wrong
Published in Events in Lithuania

This is the first solo exhibition of paintings by Marijus Jacovskis. The creation of a collection of self-portraits is a very personal and introspective artistic work, in which the artist invites the audience into his inner world, pointing out a glimpse into his emotions and self-perception.

Through this collection of self-portraits, the artist explores themes such as identity, self-discovery and the passage of time in the soul. Each painting reveals a different aspect of the self, from moments of vulnerability to expressions of strength and resilience. The process of creating self-portraits was not only a form of self-knowledge, but also a form of catharsis. By delving into his self-portraits on canvas, Marijus Jacovskis was confronted with himself, his aspirations, experiences and moods.

Each self-portrait is a visual representation of the artist’s perception of himself at a particular moment. Through the use of colour, composition and expression, the artist conveys not his physical appearance, but his emotions. This raw vulnerability creates a deep connection between the artist and the viewer.

Self portrait as an art form offers a unique insight into the artist’s inner self, emotions and personal identity. Unlike portraits of other people, self-portraits allowed an introspective look into oneself, exploring one’s own thoughts, feelings and experiences.

Viewers encountering this exhibition of self-portraits may feel as if they have been taken on a journey of self-discovery, reflecting on their experiences and emotions. They can empathise with the artist’s struggles, experiences and visions, developing a sense of empathy and understanding by experiencing it for themselves.

Exploring subtle nuances of expression and composition, the artist invites us to reflect on the complexity of the human experience and perhaps even discover echoes of our own journey on canvas.

After all, the encounter with the self-portraits of Marijus Jacovskis can become a very personal and distinctive experience for the viewer, inviting to reflect on the complex aspects of the self and human existence.

Marijus Jacovskis 1972 Vilnius, Lithuanian scenographer. 1996 graduated from Vilnius Academy of Arts. Since 1991 he has been working in various Lithuanian and foreign theatres. For his work in theatre he received the Golden Stage Cross Awards in 2009 and 2014.

Karolis Gužas

Marijus Jacovskis
26.04 – 01.06.2024
Exhibition curator: Karolis Gužas

6, Vytenio Str., Vilnius
Working hours: II-VI 14:00-20:00